Embroidery with Wool Workshop with Victoria Merness | For All Skill Levels
08 Sep

Embroidery with Wool Workshop with Victoria Merness | For All Skill Levels

4h 30m
This course is ideal as a progression if you have attended Victoria’s previous workshop, or if you are starting out completely new to embroidery.

Stitching with wool is the simplest way to learn the therapeutic craft of hand embroidery. Victoria will guide you through each step of the way, using the best materials, including pure linens, pure wool threads, and easy to handle embroidery needles. The wool threads used in the workshop are knitting wool, rather than traditional crewel wool, and this makes it very easy for beginners to achieve impressive results.
There will be a variety of designs to choose from that cater for all skill levels, from absolute beginner to advanced embroidery.
There will also be a choice of large fabric panels in plain backgrounds or coloured pure linens. Some of the panels will make a cushion or a tote bag, the choice is yours and Victoria will show you how to complete either, as do the written instructions that are provided.

There is an element of creative autonomy in this workshop, as you will have a choice of embroidery kits as well as a bonus wool kit that you could use to provide your own personalised variation on Victoria’s theme, but Victoria will be there to guide you at every step.

Things you will learn:
  • Tracing your design onto fabric, the easy way.
  • Placing your fabric into the hoop.
  • Threading the wool thread through the needle, the easy way.
  • Stitch styles, which are easy to master and used to great effect.
  • Making your completed embroidery into a cushion, tote bag or wall hanging.
  • Following the course, you will have extra support as Victoria will be contactable if you need any further advice.
The workshop includes an enhanced embroidery kit that is full of carefully curated products to give you the best results:
  • Large pure linen, or organic cotton & bamboo hemmed fabric panel.
  • Pure wool threads ready cut and stored on a handy Macrame ring.
  • Carbon tracing paper.
  • John James embroidery needle.
  • Wood embroidery hoop.
  • A4 colour printed booklet with lots of photos and a stitch guide
  • A calico bag to store everything in, and to embroider with the leftover thread.
  • A bonus pack of additional wool threads for use in this or your next project.
Victoria is a qualified teacher, artist, and designer maker holding a Masters Degree in Contemporary Fine Art. Victoria specialises in contemporary embroidery, and you may have seen Victoria on the Create & Craft television channel. With the use of the finest knitting wool to stitch with, this removes the pressure for neat stitching, resulting in a very enjoyable and mindful experience! All the materials are as sustainable, recyclable or reusable as possible, and contain no plastics.

10.30am – 3.30pm
Max number 15
Minimum age 10 year (must be accompanied by an adult)
£80 including all the materials and an embroidery kit unique to this class to take away
08 Sep