Iceland is BEST + Live Q&A
21 Oct

Iceland is BEST + Live Q&A

1hr 30mins
Back by popular demand for a second evening.

Sigga, 17, tells her parents she is leaving her beautiful Icelandic fishing village to become a poet – in California. Her Grandpa has given her enough money for a plane ticket. She just has to go to the airport and leave. What could possibly go wrong? Between her parents, her friends and this extraordinary landscape, what will Sigga choose? Inspired by a true story, shot on 35 mm filmstock with big beautiful images, the film is as much a love story to Iceland as it is to Indy Filmmaking. It is also timely, as it considers if leaving home is the hardest thing we have to do. Cast includes Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club, St Elmo’s Fire) and Tom Prior (Firebird, Kingsman).

Join us after the screening for a live in person Q&A with local film maker Max Newsom (writer and director) who grew up in nearby Askham and went to school in Penrith and whose film career took him to Hollywood and Dankuro Shinma (Director of Photography and Producers)

7pm: Film screening of Iceland is BEST with Introduction by Max Newsom
8.40pm: Films ends – Interval
8.50pm: Live Q&A starts
9.30pm: Live Q&A finishes

Cert: 15