Introduction to Oils with Catherine MacDiarmid
23 Apr

Introduction to Oils with Catherine MacDiarmid

This workshop is an opportunity to learn a few basic oil-painting techniques, working from a simple still life. It will cover the basics, such as equipment, surface preparation, colour mixing and painting techniques, allowing beginners to gain confidence and the more experienced to refresh their approaches.

Cumbria-based artist Catherine MacDiarmid has exhibited widely, including in the BP Portrait Award, and was a finalist in the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2019. She has 26 years’ experience teaching art courses.

Please bring with you:
*Set of basic oil colours, or just 3 colours and white – Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Titanium White
*Two glass jars with lids
*Turps or white spirit to clean brushes
*Solvent (such as pure turpentine, Sansador, Zest-it) and linseed oil or other oil medium to dilute your paint with
*Some painting brushes of varying size (they do not all have to be hog-hair brushes and a variety is good)
*Material rags
*Painting surfaces, at least 3. Anything is okay for oil painting if it is primed with something like GESSO primer.
*Something to use as a palette to mix colours on
*Palette knife
*Masking tape
*Overalls or old clothes

We have a Design shop at Rheged in case you are missing any materials.

Minimum age 16. 
Maximum of 14 in the class
23 Apr